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I was having trouble with my neck and lower back until I started coming to Peak Performance. I tried physical therapy but it didn't help but after one visit to Peak Performance I could already feel a difference. I have been going for months now and I am no longer having the pain I once felt in my neck or lower back. I would recommend Peak Performance to anyone that is looking for relief from back or neck pain.

Posted By: Gwendolyn McKnight


As a nurse, I didn't support Chiropractic medicine, until a co-worker told me about trigger point manipulations and how well they worked. I decided to give it a try. I've been going to Peak Performance for approximately 6 months for sciatica. I have gone from "limping" due to pain, to be able to working a 12 hour shift without pain. I have converted! The trigger point injections are painless, but effective.

 Posted By: Cindy S


Medical massage was terrific. Julie focused on problem areas and provided great guidance on exercises to do independently to help.

 Posted By: LB

Received excellent chiropractic doctors care. Friendly and professional, I recommend services.!

 Posted By: james cutts

Received excellent chiropractic doctors., Friendly and professional, I recommend services.!, Caledonia


I found my massage therapist to be knowledgeable and tuned into me throughout the session. Special attention was given to my problem areas and improvement was felt almost immediately. The office staff was attentive and efficient. I will be back.

 Posted By: Deni Mungall

retired elementary teacher, maker of windchimes and lamps, Grand Rapids

I've always been one for manual adjustments, but now that I go to i-chiro, I love the electronic adjustments!! The best part? I can still get manually adjusted if I feel the need!! I love going to this Chiropractor!! They work with you to get you feeling better, and so much more!!

Posted By: Jane D

This is the first time I've seen a chiropractor and I wish I'd gone sooner! iChiro does an amazing job at educating their patients on the hows and whys. I have only been going for a few weeks, but I already feel much better! Who knew?

Posted By: Liz Stilson
Grand Rapids, MI

Massage therapist was great and was really concerned about my health. She gave me tips to do while at home. She also recommended a free consultation from the doctor to try and get me out of pain all together. Thank you!

Posted By: Suzanne Stadler

I recently came to Peak Chiropractic due to headaches and upper shoulder pain. I was given a manual adjustment and then the computerized tool as well due to how out of alignment and tight I was. There was no additional cost for needing both methods which I found to be very ethical. It's hard to explain how much better I feel. The sensation was similar to endorphins being released after exercise. I am feeling so much better and look forward to continued card.

Posted By: Danell M

So glad to have learned about the benefit of Chiropractic care! I'm only sad I didn't know about them earlier in life. Thank you Peak Performance staff for all that you do!

Posted By: Aundrey R

I just received a message to help with neck and upper back pain and Diane did a great job. I plan on returning for a complete evaluation and future messages. Thank you so much and I appreciate the kindness of all the staff.

Posted By: Julie Reams

I have been going to Peak Performance for a few years now, and after being away at college, I could tell the difference in my health. The staff here is always ready to help me when I can come back during the summer months, and I always so appreciate the services I receive here. I genuinely feel cared about whenever I am here; I highly recommend Peak Performance!

Posted By: Jane H

i-Chiro North

I have been going to iChiro since February, and am very pleased with my results. I have been free of back pain for the first time in months! I have always had a hard time with manual neck adjustments, so really like using the computerized adjustment system. They really focus on a full spectrum approach, and I really appreciate the tips that are passed on to me for things I can do at home for continued improvement. They have great massage therapists on staff who really know what they are doing.

Posted By: Karen Coy

United States

I've been going to Peak Performance for almost 2 years now and I love it!! I am moving better than ever and my back pain has decreased significantly! The staff is amazing! The doctors truly care about your well being and the massage therapists are great! The receptionists are great as well! Very friendly and accommodating! I always recommend Peak Performance when someone complains about back pain!

Posted By: Kate Person

I had a massage at i-chiro and it was fantastic. I think it was the most relaxing massage I have ever had. Thank you Erin for giving me stretching exercises to do, that was very helpful . Thanks again, keep up the wonderful work.

Posted By: Jill M

I had a massage at i-chiro and it was fantastic. I think it was the most relaxing massage I have ever had. Thank you Erin for giving me stretching exercises to do, that was very helpful . Thanks again, keep up the wonderful work.

Posted By: Jill Milano

4150 East Beltline

I had suffered with migraines since the birth of my daughter 9 years ago. Began going to IChiro/Peak Performance in 2011 and I am almost completely migraine free! I have been able to stop taking preventative daily medication for migraines all together. I started out going several times per week but am now able to "maintain" by going twice a month. Would highly recommend I Chiro! The medical massage services are also wonderful and also help to maintain my range of motion and stress points.

Posted By: Sherrie Locke

I have all great things to say about I-Chiro, starting with the smile and friendly acknowledgement when I walk in the door. I've been getting massages for a while for tension in my shoulders, back and neck area. I've gone to several different massage clinics, but I keep coming back to I-Chiro. Julie has done an excellent job on working the affected areas. She has worked the areas differently and with gentler hands than others, especially my neck area. She has explained the source of my aggravation and how all the muscles work together creating the tightness in several areas. She gave me several exercises to do in order to help alleviate the tightness between massages. She confirmed that the trigger point class would be very beneficial for me to attend, although I have yet to find a date that works for me. She and her team seems to genuinely care for me as a person and for the problems that I've been experiencing.

Posted By: Carol DeVries

United States

I have had back problems for 50 years. I've tried several other chiropactors, but until some referred me to Peak Performance, I my back kept going out on me. The doctors there have been trained eliminate my back problems, and just my using their weekly computer diagnosis adjustment (my cost is less than $12), my back has never felt better and I am able to play pickleball and get on the floor and wrestle with my four year old grandson. Thanks Peak Performance.

Posted By: Doug S.

I have gone to several local Chiropractors and had varying degrees of success. At Peak, I have followed their recommended schedule of care and I am now after just 2 months off a Migraine Med. That I had to take Nightly and it made me loopy. Additionally I still have 1 RX for a Migraine Med to take IF I get one. I have not had to fill the prescription in over a month. The staff here is friendly, helpful and the Doctors are Great. It's easy to get to and they work around my very busy schedule. Their Massage Therapist are very knowledgeable and do a wonderful job!

Posted By: Melissa B.

Every time I go in for either an adjustment or massage I am so happy with the results. I try to get in every 4 weeks but if I'm hurting I know who to call. Not only can I get in right away within a few days/adjustments I'm back to where I need to be. I always seems to learn something during my massage that helps me keep going between visits. Thank you Peak for working with my schedule to keep me on schedule!

Posted By: Sandy

What an awesome way to spend 55 minutes of your day to get a relaxing, deep tissue massage. This started as a Christmas gift and through suggestions of who I should ask for, Sara is top notch. She really knows what is going on, experienced and will definitely be asking for her with future appointments. Thank you Sara and Peak Performance Chiropractic.

Posted By: Al

I started going to Peak after a week of extreme pain in my back due to stress. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and Peak made me feel comfortable. The staff is all friendly and are very accommodating.

Posted By: Krista

I had been going to Peak for about a month for massage therapy on my shoulder, Julie suggested I should see the chiropractor, not really knowing a lot about chiropractors I declined. After about 3 or 4 more massages she insisted I see them and gave me a free voucher for my first visit. I came in reluctantly and after my first treatment I quit taking my muscle relaxers and pain pills and have been pain free since. I can only say that it has been a wonderful experience and anyone like me doubting should give it a try, I'm glad Julie insisted!

Posted By: Jeff E.

when coming to peak performance I had previous surgeries on my back and had a total knee replacement in 2009 that indeed up with me developing a disease called RSD/CRPS. This is a condition that is caused by the nerves in the body that stay Hyper at all times causing the most severe pain you can possibly imagine at all times. Since there is no cure for this disease pain management is top priority for RSD sufferers. Keeping mobile is very important and during horrible flares that cause severe swelling and pain it is difficult to do anything because of the pain level. This is where Peak Performance has been very helpful in fighting this disease. Getting regular adjustments and using the roller table have keep me moving more easily. I reemphasize the word regular when getting adjustments because when I was feeling better and not having as many flares I went away from this and believe that it caused me to loose some mobility which caused more pain. The pain got so bad in my left leg and both feet I could barley walk it felt like stepping on broken glass on both feet. I was talking to one of the message therapist named Jewly she recommended I have a massage called Myo Facial release within two messages I was able to start to get normal feeling in my feet which I hadn't felt in nearly 5 months. I am grateful to Jewly and D.R. Amanda along with a very caring staff that helped me get back on track again.

Posted By: Len

I've had headaches for years and a very stiff neck. I've been coming to Peak Performance for a couple months and after the second vist, my headache went away. I have not had one since. I feel like a completely new person!

Posted By: Kerry V.

Had a groupon for a one hour massage. It was wonderful. Diane is great. Will definitely go back for another one. Thanks for making me feel so good.

Posted By: Kathy Roos

The Staff at Peak Performance make every visit to the office a great experience - they have helped me see the benefit of regular visits to feel my very best.

Posted By: Tracey

I am so glad I found [iChiro] for my massages. I came because I have fibromyalgia and struggle with migraines. I have had 3 different technicians so far and each time I experience something different. The 1st time I had a very nice woman who did a great job helping me relax which is what I really needed to start out. It was only a 1/2 hr apt and I wished I had more time to enjoy more relief because it was great. My next 3 appts were with a young man who had a different (obviously a more therapeutic technique) and I found I had so many knots and pains it was no wonder I felt so much more relief when I left. He definitely knew how to get rid of a lot of my pain. This last apt I just had was totally different again! Another young lady helped with another relaxing style massage which was what I needed this time because I had a horrible migraine and almost cancelled because I felt so awful. I only had a 1/2 hr apt again so I wasn't expecting much relief and she worked wonders! I felt great when I left and was so grateful I kept my appt. Each time reinforces why I keep coming!

Posted By: Mary K

I have been going to [iChiro] for over 2 months, and they have helped me tremendously. With their computerized adjustments and amazing massage therapists, no longer am I suffering through daily headaches. All of the staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful, and I would recommend their services to anyone!

Posted By: Tiffany

My massage by Diane at [iChiro] was just what I needed to relax my muscles after running and yoga. Diane was able to find my sore spots in my back and ease the tension in my neck. Thanks, Diane!

Posted By: Mary B

After struggling with severe back pain from two roll over accidents and a bad fall on the ice, I was very discouraged. I have been to [iChiro] twice now and feeling relief already. I am so excited to be able to do the things other people take for granted. I am looking forward to continued relief and getting the energy back that I have not had for years. The entire staff is helpful and pleasant and that makes me look forward to my visits! Thank You [iChiro]! ~

Posted By: Pam P.

I suffered with allergy symptoms my entire life, taking three different medications daily and getting regular shots. I hated spending the money and how terrible the medications made me feel. After only a few months of regular chiropractic adjustments, I was able to drop ALL my medications. That was years ago now and I have not needed any allergy medication since. Thanks [iChiro]!

Posted By: Justin H.

I've been coming to [iChiro] for 2 years now and they have helped me tremendously for back pain and headaches. Everyone on staff are very nice and helpful. I highly recommend [iChiro]!

Posted By: AF

[iChiro] has been a great partner in helping me get my body moving better. They have been by my side through the last two years helping me make adjustments to improve how I feel on a daily basis. Since I have been a patient here I have made improvement after improvement at each re-examination. I would recommend [iChiro] to anyone who is looking to make improvements to their health.

Posted By: Bob F.

I've been coming to [iChiro] for a number of years. The difference in my agility and movement from when I started is amazing. I can basically do what I want without pain. Thanks, [iChiro]!!

Posted By: Martine F.

I have regained my health in whole from the care that I have received from chiropractic care at [iChiro]. I was experiencing pain in many joints and in my neck and this had lasted for years. After just a few months I was a new woman!

Posted By: Robin P.

Wow, in 2 visits Dr. Mike has me feeling better than the drugs I have been taking for months. So glad I decided to head down the chiropractic path!

Posted By: Joy J.

I've been going to [iChiro] since 2001. They completely took care of my headaches after only 3 visits. I never had them return. I was informed by another chiropractor in 1975 that I would end up in a wheelchair. Now, many decades later, I am mobile and enjoying my life, both personally and professionally. If I have low energy, an adjustment takes care of it. I've had issues w/an elbow and [iChiro] took care of that, also. Again- no further problems. When I've had a cold, an adjustment eases the congestion. I highly recommend [iChiro] for all your needs. Let them give you a honest evaluation to see how they will benefit you.

Posted By: Sharron B.

I have been a patient at [iChiro] for 13 years. I receive regular adjustments to keep my body working great. [iChiro] keeps my body working well and more importantly keeps me healthy and able to do all the activities I want to do.

Thanks [iChiro] for keeping my body working great!

Posted By: Deb L.

I have been a customer with [iChiro] since August 2010. Let me tell you all, its been such a RELIEF after I started going to them with the condition I was suffering for awhile. It made a huge difference in my life as a whole and how... I perform in my daily job. I was refered by another friend of mine who serves with me in US NAVY. I am so thankful that he did and I would recommend [iChiro] to anyone who is/are suffering chronic back pain, nerve tension, etc... Give yourself a chance to see what they have to offer, before you make any drastic decision like surgery. I wish you all the best of luck. [iChiro] keeps me moving with ease. =)

Posted By: Rachelle T.

I feel much better after going to [iChiro].

Posted By: Emily D.

I've been coming to [iChiro] since last March and it has helped so much with my headaches and knots in my back. I would definitely recommend coming here.

Posted By: Lindsey S.

[iChiro] has a very thorough intake process. They are also really proactive about educating their patients. They even offer free classes on a variety of health issues.

I like the fact that you have a choice to be adjusted by the doctor the traditional way or by having them use their new machine technology the Pro-Adjuster.

I also found all of their staff to be extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and customer service oriented.

I would definitely recommend [iChiro] to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Posted By: Shannon G.

I have been a patient at [iChiro] for about a year and I can not remember how I use to function with out them. I find the atmosphere of the office to be very professional and the staff are always friendly and smiling. The doctors have an extreme wealth of knowledge and they use it to go above and beyond my expectations and ensure that I get the best treatment possible.

Posted By: Audra F.

I had had debilitating menstral cramps since I was 16. At first I was only missing church, so nothing was done, but when I started missing school, we knew it was time to do something. My mom decided to take me to her chiropractor, but as he only had me coming in when I was hurting, it didn't seem to help.

I went to see my OB-GYN and she tried me on birth-control 1st, but when that didn't help, we did surgery. It was found that I had endometriosis and the surgery was meant to help, which it did...for 2 years. I had a 2nd surgery and this time, little was found. My OB-GYN told me that I was probably just going to have to deal with the pain, and maybe see a pain therapist to talk about my pain.

When I started at [iChiro], my cramps were not even at the top of my mind. I was dealing with headaches and low back pain too. I had been getting adjusted at Peak for ONLY 1 WEEK when I started my next menstrual cycle, and I had NO PAIN!!! I have had NO PAIN for 4 and a half years!!!! My low back pain has lessened, I get fewer headaches, I haven't been getting sick and I HAVE NO CRAMPS!!!

This place is great and I recommend it to everyone I meet!!

Posted By: A. Smith

It has become very clear to me that the staff at [iChiro] have the best interests of the patient at heart in all things that they do. They provide superb patient care superior to other Chiropractors in the area. I can honestly say that [iChiro] is the best chiropractor clinic in Grand Rapids!

Posted By: Bradley J.

I really like the doctors and staff at [iChiro]. I do not know what I would do with out them. They have really gotten to know me and they have become a part of my family. You will not be treated this well anywhere else.

Posted By: Brian N.

I drive 40 minutes out of my way to use [iChiro] because they are just that good. They especially focus on explaining everything well to me until I understand what is going on. I have had great results and I recommend them to my family and friends.

Posted By: Lynn K.

[iChiro] really worked for me so I recommend that everyone in pain take a shot at it. I feel that More and more people are getting wise to the sick care system that does not work such as prescribing pills to mask symptoms instead of addressing the root problems. At [iChiro] in Grand Rapids they treat the cause of the problems and do not just mask symptoms.

Posted By: John K.

In addition to helping with my migraines (no more meds!), [iChiro] has helped me through numerous issues and time in my life. These include a car accident, my pregnancy, and being a new mom. The doctors give great advice and offer workshops too! I can usually get in on short notice when I need to or can schedule ahead for many months to make sure I have them on my calendar.

Posted By: Jamie W.

A few years ago, I was experiencing pain in my neck, lower back & hips, to the point where I was unable to go running anymore. A friend suggested I go to [iChiro] to see if they could help me. After a few months of treatment, I was back on the road running again and I feel great! In fact, I feel so good that I'm running my second consecutive River Bank Run (25K) this year!!

Unlike some chiropractors who choose to treat you only when you are feeling pain, Peak Performance is focused on helping you to restore and maintain your health. If you're tired of taking pain meds, are feeling lousy, and want to get your life back again, [iChiro] is the place for you. :-)

Posted By: Tammy Richards

Grand Rapids, MI

I've been a patient at Peak Performance Chiropractic for over 10 years. I initially decided to try Chiropractic for my headaches which I assumed were all sinus related. Once I was examined I was found to have a huge knot in my jaw due to my TMJ. After a month of treatments headaches disappeared and so did the mega-doses of ibuprofen.

I have continued to do maintenance treatments and throughout the years there have been other issues and injuries that [iChiro] has effectively treated.

I now run any health issues by them when I come in, it's amazing how many things can be helped by regular treatments.

I made sure my daughters received regular adjustments as well. Chiropractic is very effective with sports performance. Helping recover from injuries much faster than medical treatment alone. I recommend them to my whole family!

Posted By: Deb Laakso

Grand Rapids, MI

I suffered from migraine headaches for over 30 years. I met Dr. Kwast at a networking meeting where he indicated he may be able to help with the headaches. Although I was skeptical, I was willing to give it a try. I am happy to say that I have been virtually headache free for over 4 years now. I am off the drugs I had to take for the headaches and feel better than I have for years! I believe the chiropractic adjustments were the answer for me. I would highly recommend [iChiro] to anyone who suffers from migraines as well as any other pain such as back pain or other joint pain.

Posted By: Judith See

Byron Center, MI

[iChiro] has made a positive impact on my entire family. I was suffering with pain in my side that several doctors could not figure out. After regular adjustments at Peak, the pain went away and I was able to go off all pain meds! I was also getting strep throat regularly, and getting adjusted regularly allowed my body to work properly and I have not had strep throat in years.

My husband has been thrilled how Peak has helped him with back pain and head aches. My kids have stayed healthier since they started getting adjusted.

We are so thankful for the doctors at Peak Performance and their awesome staff!

Posted By: Sarah Moerdyk

Rockford, MI

I have visited other chiropractors in the past and experienced mixed results, but I've been very satisfied with my experience at Peak Performance!! I love their method of adjusting that is much gentler and less invasive than traditional chiropractic adjustments, but still more than enough to bring me relief from my aches and pains. The doctors are all very friendly and really care about my health and giving me the best treatment that they can. I have no doubt that everyone in the office really cares about the patients' well-being. Their massage therapists are excellent; Dylan does a fantastic job of really getting the knots in my shoulders and back out!

Posted By: Hailey Jahn

I've had massages twice now with Jeff at PPC south office. He is very knowledgeable and asks the right questions to find out exactly where he needs to work. He's very professional and his sense of humor puts me very much at ease. The stretches he's taught me help to keep my muscles loose until my next appointment. I'm making great progress and look forward to seeing him again to feel even better!

Posted By: Laura Looman

I have been very pleased with the results I have received at Preak Performance. The results of daily stress and tension is alleviated with regular adjustments.

Posted By: Pat Pols

I first heard about Peak Performance when I purchased a Groupon for a massage. I went there and the massage was amazing. I then took a class they offer for trigger point massage and learned of the chiropractic care they offered. I am now a patient and am very happy with the care they give me. They are professional, very friendly, and helpful. Great place great people!

Posted By: Tonya Moore

I have recently returned to chiropractic care and was so pleased to be able to resolve my IT band issue so quickly. Thanks to Julie, my massage therapist, together with my adjustments I can run again pain free!

Posted By: Sandy

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